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Inspirational music and short-feature life lessons (from John MacArthur, Dennis Rainey, Max Lucado and others) air throughout the day.          Saturday Schedule      Sunday Schedule


Weekday Schedule 6-16-18 Update

midnight Music from Moody to six AM Kurt Goff
6:00 Leading the Way Michael Youssef
7:00 Cherokee Talk Mon-Thu interviews - no change Donna Kosicki
7:00 Dottie Coffman Show - new time Friday only Dottie Coffman
7:30 Family Talk - unchanged Dr. James Dobson
8:00 Back to the Bible - new time David Platt
8:35 We are the Messengers - new time Bob Alexander
8:40 MovieGuide (Thursday, Friday) - new time Ted Baehr
9:00 Daily Hope - new time Rick Warren
9:30 Winning Walk - new time Dr. Ed Young
10:00 Renewing Your Mind - new time Ligonier Ministries
10:30 Running to Win - new time Dr. Edwin Lutzer
11:00 Focal Point Mike Fabarez
11:30 Grace to You John MacArthur
NOON The Alternative Tony Evans
12:30 Revive Our Hearts Nancy DeMoss Wolgermuth
1:00 Equipped Chris Brooks
2:00 Unlocking the Bible - new time Colin Smith
2:30 Summitt Life J. D. Greear
3:00 Chris Fabry Live Chris Fabry
4:00 Money Wise Live Rob West, Steve Moore
5:00 In the Market two hours Janet Parshall
7:00 Haven Today Charles Morris
8:00 Cherokee Talk Mon-Thu interviews - new time Donna Kosicki
8:00 Dottie Coffman Show - Friday only- new time Dottie Coffman
8:30 Daily Hope - unchanged Rick Warren
9:00 Family Talk - unchanged Dr. James Dobson
9:30 Renewing Your Mind - new time Ligonier Ministries
10:00 The Word in Song - two hours Donna Leland